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Principal's Message to Parents

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The staff at Newmarket Junior Senior High School want to work with students to make his or her school experience personally rewarding as well as academically motivating and challenging.

It is our desire for every student to experience success and enjoy a quality education. In order to realize this goal, students, parents and staff must communicate openly and frequently. We must clearly define goals and expectations. We must be supportive and encouraging while providing constructive suggestions for improvement. It is through communication that students will develop a sense of responsibility and an ability to evaluate their own progress toward personal fulfillment.

Success in learning is similar to success in life; it does not come easily. Students must work hard "at school" to be successful. Students must want to learn and be prepared for class activities. Remember the adage that success is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent hard work.

Students, staff, and parents must be committed to working together to provide the best possible learning environment. This means placing a high priority on school and school-related activities. Students must keep in perspective jobs, outside interests and personal goals if they are to get the most from their educational experience.

Communication, hard work, and commitment are the keys to success in any endeavor in life. It is through the proper blend of these attributes that students experience personal growth and development, as well as success. I invite every parent and student to focus on these criteria and to work with us in order to enhance the educational process at Newmarket Junior Senior High School.