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The Newmarket School District believes that the health of the school community is of utmost importance.  We are committed to providing a school environment that protects and promotes the health and well-being of our staff, students, and their families.  Scientific research indicates that proper nutrition and physical activity has a positive effect on a student’s academic success as well as fighting childhood obesity.  By providing access to healthy nutritional choices, education, and fitness activities we hope to encourage a lifetime of health and wellness.

Next Wellness meeting date October 29th at 7am in the office conference room
Student Wellness Reps meet at 9a on Friday October 16th in the cafeteria
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Each month the JH students have a different Wellness Focus. The bulletin board outside the nurse's office coincides with the topic of the month. Ask your children what they are discussing this month.

Themes for Wellness for 2015-2016:
Sept:        SLEEP
Oct:          Effects of screen time, gaming and electronics
Nov:         Kindness
Dec:         Pay it Forward
Jan:           Physical activity
Feb:          fruits/ veggies
March:    Bike and Driving safety
Apr:         Connect with nature- environmental impacts
May:       Food Allergy awareness
June:       SLEEP

National Walk to School Day  October 7th-

International Walk to School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day. Both schools participated and it was a huge hit. Many staff and students came in with smiles on their faces stating it was a great way to start the day.

Sleep deprivation is becoming an issue in the U.S. Our Wellness focus for September is SLEEP. Are you getting enough? Do you think it truly makes a difference? See the attached document below as well as the clip on Sleepless in America from National Geographic. Please note that the video has some graphic scenes. Please keep in mind before viewing or sharing with your children.
Recommended reading:
 The Promise of Sleep, by Dement
 Sleepless in America, by Kurcinka

Image result for walkingLunchtime Walks continue throughout the school year. Students sign up at the beginning of lunch. They get a chance to get outside and move before starting their afternoon classes. Why is this important? See attachment below entitled "This is your brain."

Advisory Topics for JH -

Image result for parent staff relationParent Staff Connection-  click on the link on the main web page under General info.
Next meeting TBD

Image result for exerciseStaff and student exercise challenges are held throughout the year. Listen to announcements for more info

2015 Wellness Day
Friday, April 24th. We had 40+ presenters who  volunteered to share their knowledge with our students and staff. This year, Wellness Day gave students a chance to give back to our community by volunteering time for community service programs at The Pines. The Rec, NES and NJSHS. See the attachment below for details on what organizations donated their time to our students and staff.
Interested in being part of our Wellness Committee? The NJSHS group meets monthly/ bimonthly.
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