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Special Education

Building Coordinator:
Kristina Cochran
Building Team Leader:
Sarah Denham

Case Managers:

  • Grade 6 - Ann-Marie Pullar
  • Grade 7 - Sarah Denham 
  • Grade 8 - Pat Yeager 
  • Grade 9 - Blake Neri
  • Grade 10 - Jenn Farias
  • Grade 11, 12 - Jill Grager

Student Support Center (SSC)
High School- Karly Harrington
Junior High- Howard Hoff

Behavioral Specialist
Kathi Al-Darraji 
Reading/Writing Interventionist- Donna Forcier
Donna Forcier

Reading Specialists
Kelly Harkins 

School Psychologist

Transition Coordinator
Ryan Levasseur

Speech Pathologist
Valerie Sawyer

Occupational Therapist
Ann Tufts

Physical Therapist
Lauren Sullivan

Para Professionals:

Holly Reader
Pam LeMire
Nicole Bordeau
Maggie Daley-Doloff
Stephanie Lehman
Judi Orent
Donna Chick
Joe Wisneski
Lisa Jollimois
MaryEllen MacElroy
Jeff Provencher
Catherine Cotter
Ethan Fortin
Nicholas Evans
Courtney Doucette
Sadie Ladds

If a student is having academic, social, speech, or motor problems, referral is made to the building principal, guidance counselor, reading specialist and classroom teachers who make changes in the student’s program. If improvement is not demonstrated, special education testing is conducted by the Special Education/Evaluation Placement team to determine if a student is educationally handicapped and eligible for special education services.

Related services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling) are also available to educationally handicapped students.