Staff Directory

PrincipalChris Mazzone
Assistant Principal: Matt Foster
Special Education Coordinator: Kristina Cochran
Athletic Director: Jamie Hayes
Game Director:   Gerin Murphy
Food Services Director: Linda Hopey
Technology Operations Manager:  Jason Carey
Resource Officer: Wayne Stevens

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 School Cafeteria Manager  
Albright, Linda HS Biology / Anatomy 
Al-Darraji, Kathi Behavioral Specialist 
Anderson, Eric Media Specialist 
Averill, Meghan Grade 7 Math 
Beaulieu, Liz Grade 6 Language Arts 
Beckles, Chanpheng ESOL Tutor 
Beriau, Jacques Grade 7 Science 
Blake, Annette Art Department Chair 
Blalock, Jackie HS Math Teacher 
Boatwright, Deborah Technology Integrator 
Boiselle, Courtney Grade 6 Math 
Boston, Jennifer Grade 7 Language Arts 
Bowen, Alexandra Grade 10 English 
Boyer, Beth HS Math Teacher 
Boyer, Beth HS Math 
Burley, Leigh Guidance Administrative Assistant 
Cadorette, Carolyn Long-term sub Grade 6 English 
Cadorrette, Carolyn Substitute 
Castellon, Nancy Family and Consumer Science 
Caswell, Pam English (Chair) 
Cochran, Kristina Special Education Coordinator 
Copeland, Erin Spanish Teacher 
Daley-Dolloff, Crystal Administrative Assistant to the Principal 
Denham, Sarah Grade 7 Case Manager 
Dowst, Nathaniel Health Teacher 
Eberl, Kristin Junior High Guidance Counselor 
Edgerly, Randy JH Physical Education 
Farias, Jennifer Reading Specialist 
Farnese, Jennifer School Nurse 
Fink, Alyson HS Social Studies 
Foster, Matt Assistant Principal 
Franceschini, Elizabeth HS English 
Gattonini, Venera Industrial Technology 
Gaudette, Marc HS Social Studies 
Grager, Jill HS Case Manager 
Guerino, Delaney Grade 9 English 
Han, Yi-Fu HS Case Manager 
Harkins, Kelly Reading Specialist 
Harvey, Heather HS Chemistry 
Hatfield, Abigail Physical Science (Chair) 
Hayes, Jamie Physical Education 
Hoffman, Helen Special Education 
House, Joanna Long-term sub Spanish 
Hudson, Jamie Head Custodian 
Kane, Justin Advisor, Jr High Student Council 
Kiefaber, Kristin HS Math & Physics 
Kumph, Lisa Wellness Coordinator 
Lauer, Emily Half time Music/Half Para 
Leavitt, Mark Grade 7 Social Studies (Chair) 
Levasseur, Ryan Transition Coordinator 
Lianza, Kaitlyn Grade 8 Language Arts 
Lindquist, Erik Math Teacher 
MacDonald, Mark Language Teacher 
Malsbary, Lindsey 8th Grade Science 
Marquis, Cindy Food Service Manager 
Mastin, Melanie Grade 6 Math 
Mazzone, Chris Principal 
McGilvery, Catherine HS Social Studies 
Moran, Claudette Spanish Teacher 
Murphy, Gerin HS English 
Murray, Janice Grade 6 Science 
Neri, Blake HS Case Manager 
Nieves, Amanda School Psychologist 
O'Neill, Kaitlyn Special Ed Teacher ASD Program 
Otash, John HS Social Studies 
Pagnotta, Nancy Grade 6 Social Studies 
Pavlidis, Tom Guidance Director 
Perkins, Stacy Grade 8 Social Studies 
Pullar, Ann-Marie Grade 6 Case Manager 
Rae, Jamie Music Teacher 
Rosa, Sheryl Administrative Assistant - Main Office 
Russell, Kyle HS Math (Chair) 
Sanborn, Jayne Bookkeeper 
Sawyer, Valerie Speech/Language Pathologist 
Silvia, Michelle Grade 8 Math 
Soster, Greg HS Math Teacher 
Stevens, Wayne School Resource Officer 
Yeager, Pat Grade 8 Case Manager 
Showing 79 items