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Carole Smart, Chair
311 French I Level 4 1 Credit - Full Year
This full-year course introduces the students to the sound system and intonation patterns of French. It acquaints them with the basic structures that can be used with carefully defined vocabulary range. This will enable students to incorporate the structures in simple conversation and to develop their ability to read and write in the target language. Students will acquire the confidence to communicate in French by means of pronunciation drills, vocabulary building and verb study. This course also introduces the student to the geography of France, a few of the great cities as well as a glimpse of the French culture and civilization. Assessment includes quizzes, tests, original composition, projects and conversation, with equal weight given to listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

312 French II Level 4 1 Credit - Full Year
The goal of this course is to further the student's mastery of the communication skills, with more frequent use of spoken French. Students will create dialogues and do oral presentations. Students further their study of verbs, idiomatic expressions and more complex grammar. Learning and assessment are the same as French I.
Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in French I.

313 French III Level 5 1 Credit - Full Year
The goals of this course are to further the students' mastery of the communication skills with a focus on developing the speaking and reading ability of the students. Students will further their study of the French culture and more complex grammar. Supplementary reading materials, French films and audiotapes will be utilized. Students will be expected to work independently and cooperatively on projects that demonstrate a more complete mastery of writing and speaking skills. Student participation in French is expected.
Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in French II.

314 French IV Level 5 1 Credit - Full Year
Students will continue to practice and improve their skills, particularly in reading and speaking. Fine points of grammar and increased vocabulary will be supplemented with reading selections that will allow students to gain an appreciation for French literature, history and civilization. Grammatical structures will be reviewed along with continued studies in more advanced structures. Frequent writing assignments and discussion are required. Student participation in French is required throughout the class.
Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in French III.

315 French V Level 5 1 Credit - Full Year
This course continues the study of history, literature and grammar of more advanced structures. This course is also conducted totally in French, allowing students maximum opportunity to develop listening and speaking skills.
Prerequisite: Grade of "C" or better in French IV.

Extra Curricular Activities

French Club
This club is open to all French students, grades seven through twelve. The club meets at least four times per year for its regular meetings and activities. The traveling groups within the club will meet more often as the students begin the fundraising activities.

The French students have tremendous opportunities to travel and could possibly travel three times with me during their time in French. Travel opportunities begin the in the middle school and continue through the high school. These trips are done separately.