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Environmental Science

© Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos, 2014
Linda Albright
Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Environmental Science
NOTE: Environmental Science is a FULL year course, first offered in 2013-14.
This course is now scheduled again for 2017-18!  It is terrific to see more people wanting to know more about the natural world and how we can keep it healthy.

Environmental science examines living organisms interacting with the world around them. Are you interested in wildlife, soils, watersheds and how humans impact them? 
This is the elective for you. 
Some of the planned highlights of the class include:
  1. Deciding whether or not to enter the NH Envirothon (*Also see link below)
  2. Sampling the waters of Great Bay on the Gundalow
  3. Reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This is the book that started the environmental movement.
  4. Watching videos (and optional Music Hall movies) about ecosystems and human environmental impact
  5. Designing and implementing an "I can do ONE thing to make a change"
  6. Working to assist in the recycling efforts of NJSHS

*Check the link to the NH envirothon for 2014 information: NH Envirothon Information