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Biology Level 6

Linda Albright
Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Environmental Science
I am looking forward to this opportunity with a select group of high school biology students. Read about how L6 biology is different from L5 HERE.

Just like level 5 biology, the level 6 class is fast paced and for the self-motivated student who will work independently to finish lab reports, class work and projects. The notebook serves as an archive of materials and topics covered.  Students will draw upon these items to create a biology portfolio which becomes the semester cumulative project.

Welcome students and families to NHS biology!

Biology is the study of life.

The first semester has two major essential questions:
  1. How do organisms live and grow?
  2. How and why do organisms interact with their environment, and what are the effects of these interactions?
This honors level class will emphasize writing strong scientific arguments and the importance of creating and sharing knowledge using available technology.


Syllabus L5/6 Biology

Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert :  

Each L6 student will borrow a copy of this book.  

Other Important documents:

Biology Portfolio