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Biology Level 4

Biology Level 4        Linda Albright
Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Environmental Science

Welcome students and families to NHS biology!

Biology is the study of life.

The first semester has two major essential questions:
  1. How do organisms live and grow?
  2. How and why do organisms interact with their environment, and what are the effects of these interactions?
This college preparatory level class will emphasize the value of a complete and organized notebook. This is demonstrated by the students being able to use their complete notebook system on each and every test/quiz/formative or summative assessment. The notebook serves as an archive of materials and topics covered.  Students will draw upon these items to create a biology portfolio which becomes the semester cumulative project.

Students received a Syllabus for semester 1.    

Syllabus Sem 1 L4


Other important documents: